Using Caring Encounters

Using Caring Encounters

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Evidence shows that the best care front-line caregivers in nursing homes and hospitals can provide is care that involves acts, words... and care that come from the heart. And this care should be compassionate caregivingń rather than just from a sense of duty or obligation. Caring Encounters is this type of care, and itÍs something that most any caregiver can learn to do effectively. CEU Credit articles to support your Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) certification! Each of these articles, with quiz, earns 2 NCCDP continuing education credits toward the ongoing renewal of your CDP. Available for only $5/article; a very economical way of keeping your CDP up-to-date. Note: current articles are free to subscribers of Alzheimer's Care Guide.For information on subscribing, For information on how to earn your CDP certification: Or phone toll free: 877-729-5191. Buy now to download and receive the whole package...delivered directly to your email!