The Basics of Person-Centered Caregiving

The Basics of Person-Centered Caregiving

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CMS regulations and guidelines now require that all geriatric caregiving be person-centered. That means that all factors of your caregiving are organized around the specific needs of each of your elders.

There are a couple of important reasons for this: Person-centered care enhances the quality of life of each of your elders, and creates a more homelike environment which is a CMS goal and guideline.

Plus, person-centered care substantially improves the health, cognition and outcomes of your elders, as well. Evidence-based research has proven this conclusively.

This Inservice Article summarizes the new CMS regulations and guidelines involving person-centered care, plus gives requirements, recommendations and valuable pointers for caregivers in how to deliver person centered care in their facilities.

This is valuable information for both new and experienced caregivers who want to deliver the best in person-centered care to their elders.