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Nurse Aide/VIP

Nurse Aide/VIP

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Nurse Aide/VIP: A time-saving inservice monthly educational newsletter package for busy trainers. Online PowerPoint slides over the contents of each issue that you can download for inservice training: slide shows, handouts, classroom charts, overheads! Free for subscribers! Ready-to-use discussion points and questions over each issue; a big time saver for you! Downloadable supportive inservice teaching items also available online: charts, graphs, photos, posters and brochures! Free for subscribers! Q&A for CE credits! Educational emphasis on Quality Improvement, Personalized Care, and Personal Improvement areas! Unlimited copying license! Subscribers can make as many copies as they need for inservice educational use within their own facility! (No more dangers of violating US copyright laws!) Only $120/year. (Published monthly.) That's only $10/month for inservice for your whole staff, including the free teaching package materials and unlimited copying privileges! Permission to print as many extra copies as you need for inservice training in your facility! (You can even download a print-ready PDF from the Internet for your convenience!) Internet access for: additional training materials; federal caregiver regulations updates plus other caregiving information... free! Money back guarantee. Full refund within 30 days, if not satisfied. Pro-rated refund thereafter.