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Includes training articles on the new CMS requirements for CNAs! (Person-centered care, Ethics, Communications, Infection Control) plus other required topics!

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2018 Inservice training topics with Q&A

January. Effective communications with your Alzheimer's elders. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis)

February. Resident rights, including special training on rights for Alzheimer's elders. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis.)

March. Abuse, neglect and exploitation. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis.) Also: "Introduction to Ethics for CNAs" (New topic! Required as of Nov, 2016!)
-- Must Reading! "7 caregiving relationships that elders say makes "life worth living!"

April. The latest effective infection prevention and control.
Also: "Ethics for CNAs" Part 2 (New topic! Required as of Nov, 2016!)
--Using Activities for reminiscence.

May. Safe lifting and handling of your elders.
Also: How to do Special activities for your Alzheimer's elders

June. Recording, reporting and observational skills; spotting pain and other problems in your Alzheimer's elders.
Also: Personal improvement tips

July. The latest guidelines and requirements for providing person-centered care. (Note:The CMS is making this the core of their new Alzheimer's care requirements!)

August. General guidelines on Ethics for the CNA. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis!)

September. Person-centered activities and music. Among your most effective tools for reducing problem behaviors, and improving happiness and cognition

October. Special techniques for the care of your cognitively - impaired elders. The latest in effective research studies.

November. Daily activities: eating, dental care, bathing and dressing.

December. Death and Dying: The CNA's important role and how to be effective at this challenging time. The latest research and tips.

Each of these topics is accompanied by free Powerpoint Slides and teachers notes and other training materials that you can download free from your online subscriber site! Also in each issue: Many additional articles covering topics required by CMS and states!It's a whole new... and very convenient... way to conduct required CNA training!

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