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Nurse Aide/VIP

A Ready-to-go, monthly, evidence-based, CNA training package for only $10/month!

Now includes training on the new CMS nursing home regulations that went into effect Nov 28! These new regs require training in:

  • Ethics. This is a brand new training requirement!
  • Communications.
  • Renewed emphasis on person-centered care based upon each elder's Care Plan.
  • Dementia management and abuse training.
  • Behavioral health training.
  • More

A real time and budget-saver for your busy staff! Each monthly issue contains an Inservice training article plus Q&A with topics required by Federal and State Continuing Education requirements! And now including the topics that CMS is giving increasing emphasis on for 2017! (12 training articles/year!)

Educator's bonus: FREE downloads of PowerPoint slides, teacher's notes and PDFs of each issue! Enough materials for a solid 1-hour training session! Ready to go! A great time-saver for you!

Special section on Personal Improvement and Interpersonal Relations... including Customer Care... an important caregiving area often left out of classroom training!

Plus, in addition to the special training article, each issue is packed with news and educational articles on the latest in evidence-based caregiving for CNAs, including topics required by states and CMS!

Includes time-saving training materials from your FREE subscriber site!

Quizzes, slides, teacher's notes, handouts, and other ready-to-go materials for your busy instructors! (And students learn best when taught by reallife instructors, compared to self-taught Internet methods... the Internet is great, but has its limitations!)

Includes training articles on the new CMS requirements for CNAs! (Person-centered care, teamwork, more!)

Only $120 for 12 monthly issues!

Less than $10.00/month to train your entire staff in the newest CMS guidelines! What a great deal!

2017 Inservice training topics with Q&A

January. Effective communications with your Alzheimer's elders. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis.)

February. Resident rights, including special training on rights for Alzheimer's elders. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis.)

March. Abuse, neglect and exploitation. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis.)

April. The latest in effective infection prevention and control.

May. Safe lifting and handling of your elders.

June. Recording, reporting and observational skills; spotting pain and other problems in your Alzheimer's elders

July. The latest guidelines and requirements for providing person-centered care. (Note: The CMS is making this the core of their new Alzheimer's care requirements!)

August. Ethics for the CNA. (An area of increasing CMS emphasis.)

September. Person-centered activities and music. Among your most effective tools for reducing problem behaviors, and improving happiness and cognition.

October. Special techniques for the care of your cognitively-impaired elders. The latest in effective research studies.

November. Daily activities: eating, dental care, bathing and dressing.

December. Death and Dying: The CNA's important role and how to be effective at this challenging time.

Nurse Aide/VIP

Nurse Aide/VIP

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1-year subscription to Nurse Aide/VIP

Delivers monthly CNA caregiving news, personal improvement tips, and an Inservice Training article. Includes free downloadable slides and other educational materials.